[ Organization Introduction ]
Introduction of Shanghai Road Administration Bureau

Shanghai Road Administration Bureau was formally established in April 27, 2012 by merge of original Shanghai Municipal Engineering Administration Department, Shanghai Highway Management Department and Shanghai Road Inspection Office.

Shanghai Road Administration Bureau aims to integrate management resources, establish clear responsibilities, efficient operation and standardized law enforcement so as to ensure effective management system and improve road infrastructure and road line service management level.

The primary responsibility of Shanghai Road Administration Bureau is to guide and coordinate and supervise administrative law enforcement work of the city roads, highways, road line supervision; Participate in preparation of long-term professional roads planning, special planning and construction planning; Responsible for the municipal road construction, maintenance, operation and road administration; Responsible for the municipal road operation, repair and maintenance industry management; Responsible for the supervision and management of pipeline project and processing of the sudden accidents and so on.

Address: No 579, Xu Jia Hui Road  Postcode: 200023   Tel: 53015000